Code Enforcement Officer
Dan Cheresnowski

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Phone:  607-642-3617

FREE! 2020
No Cost Home Repairs for 
Eligible Homeowners!

NOTICE:  As of July 2019, a unanimous decision was made by the Town Council to treat all new car ports as structures and as such a permit will be required before building. (2015 IBC Section 312)


Dan Cheresnowski
Code Enforcement / Fire Marshal

Mission Statement
The code enforcement department of Newark Valley exists to enhance the quality of life and economy of the town
through enforcing regulations that preserve and protect neighborhoods.The department will promote voluntary compliance
by establishing partnerships with citizens, community groups and other agencies.

To report or request an enforcement action, the Town's Code Enforcement Division can be contacted
through any of the following ways:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:00-10:00 AM
Wednesday 4:00 - 7:00 PM
Please note that I need to make inspections throughout the day.  To be certain I will be at the office
when you come in give me a call and make an appointment.

Here are links to some informative pages pertaining to the Code Enforcement Department:


Town of Newark Valley Local Laws

*Free Access to 2015 New York State Codes and Supplements*


The Pool Misadventures of Shannon and Michele

NY State Pool Requirements

Pool Barrier Safety Information

Electrical Requirements for Swimming Pools (2010 edition)


Outdoor Furnaces

Open Fires

General Information on Building Permits


Building Permit for everything EXCEPT Manufactured Homes

Building Permit for Manufactured Homes 

Building Permit For PV Solar Power

Minimum Plot Size Diagram

Septic Plot Plan

A Good Example of a Hand Drawn Plot Plan

BP-1 Form   Affidavit of Exemption for Worker's Comp.


Requirements for Stick Built or Modular Homes- A Guide

Requirements for Manufactured Homes -A Guide

Wood Deck Construction Guide

Building Guide - Pole Barn Construction

Noise Ordinance

Placards for Vacant Properties

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