Dog Control Officer: Denise Liske

Phone: 642-3287

Hi, I am Denise Liske, the Dog Control Officer for the Town of Newark Valley.
My duties are to answer complaints by residents because of dogs running at large and other uncontrolled behaviour of dogs.
Every dog needs a license.  The dog tag needs to be put on the collar of the dog.  If your dog escapes from you, and I pick it up,
the dog tag is how I find the lost dog's owner.
Without a dog tag your lost dog will be taken to the Stray Haven Dog Shelter and hopefully you will call me and
we can make arrangements for your dog to come home.

 It is very sad to take a stray dog to the shelter and I know, just by the way the dog acts, it is a family dog.  Please license your pet.

Make sure your dog has proper shelter, food and water.  .

If you have a dog complaint, lost dog, found dog or questions, please call 642-3287